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The professional services we offer are according to the highest international standards.

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The best reasons to choose Afag Vision


Whether we are talking about start-up projects, or about locating activities in other European Member States oriented to the Romanian market, our structure consisting of specialists and local collaborators can help you implement the project and, later, to insure its development and good functionality.


We can define ourselves as a core that unites, through its connections, professionals and collaborators, in order to be able to support the requirements and needs of our clients when they face a new legislative reality of commercial, legal, administrative and why not mental type.


In order for a project to be functional and well-structured from the beginning, it is necessary to turn to local professionals to obtain the correct and coherent information according to the specifics of the project and local legislation.

Confidence and experience

The professional services we offer are according to the highest international standards. The structure of our collaborators team, with experience in legal, fiscal, commercial and administrative matters, can support and develop local projects in various fields of activity.

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We focus on solutions, we apply concrete methods to obtain the desired result!

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"I recommend with confidence. Afag Vision helped me develop all my projects. ”
David Rusu